Former President Donald Trump energized a Detroit crowd that greeted him warmly during a campaign stop on Saturday, lashing out at Joe Biden by dubbing him the “King of super predators.”

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Speaking at a policy and awareness roundtable at 180 Church in Detroit’s inner city, Trump addressed the migrant crisis and its impact on the black community. “They’re coming for your jobs. And it’s terrible. … The black community is being hurt most by illegal aliens. They’re coming into your communities, and they’re taking your jobs,” Trump declared, drawing a round of applause from the predominantly black audience.

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While Detroit is not officially a sanctuary city, it has faced its own influx of migrants, reminiscent of the challenges seen in cities like Chicago and New York.

During the event, Trump launched his “Black Americans for Trump” coalition, positioning it as a response to a similar group backed by the Biden-Harris campaign. Trump framed this move as an effort to gain the support of black voters historically let down by Biden.

Trump didn’t hold back in his criticism of Joe Biden, highlighting Biden’s role in the controversial 1994 crime bill that expanded policing and incarceration measures. “He walks around now talking about the black vote — he’s the ‘king of the super predators,’” Trump remarked, pointing out Biden’s hypocrisy.

The ex-president’s promise to address the migrant crisis struck a chord with the crowd. Trump reiterated his commitment to securing the border during the “People’s Convention” of Turning Point Action, vowing to conduct the largest deportation operation in American history on day one of his administration.

As immigration, a struggling economy, and public safety continue to be key issues for US voters, Trump’s stance resonated with many attendees. Responding to the perception of unfair treatment, one attendee, Michaelah Montgomery, emphasized the disparities faced by the black community.

Republican Congressman John James, the lone black congressman representing Michigan, emphasized the importance of strengthening the Black middle class to uplift the community and make America great again. Former HUD Secretary Dr. Ben Carson also stood by Trump, debunking the false narratives of his alleged racism, and drew a standing ovation.

Summing up the sentiment of the event, Detroit resident Terrence Williams underscored the priority of being Americans first. The palpable energy and support illustrated the resonance of Trump’s message with the grassroots and conservative base in Detroit.

This event showcased Trump’s continued appeal and commitment to addressing the concerns of minority communities, solidifying his stance against illegal immigration and in favor of bolstering opportunities for Americans, regardless of background.

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