Comedian Bill Burr lambasted liberals during a performance at UC Berkeley over the weekend, expressing his disdain for the audience and their actions. Notorious for his fearless approach to controversial topics, Burr delved into issues ranging from his marriage, the Israel-Gaza conflict, transgender rights, and Joe Biden’s mental acuity, ultimately directing his frustration at liberals, as reported by the San Francisco Gate.

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“I hate liberals,” Burr declared during the show on Saturday, pinpointing “White liberals” in particular and criticizing their hypocrisy rather than their political beliefs.

He specifically called out individuals who displayed “Black Lives Matter” signs without taking tangible steps to support the cause, drawing a parallel by stating, “That’s like if I told you my great-grandmother in Germany had a ‘Knock it off, Nazis’ sign.”

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Furthermore, Burr scorned those who claim to be empathetic, cautioning, “If you run into a White person who says they’re an empath, run the other way,” asserting that such individuals tend to make others’ suffering about themselves.

During another segment of the performance, the comedian expressed surprise at the Berkeley crowd’s reaction to a joke about President Biden’s cognitive state, as per SF Gate.

This isn’t the first instance of Burr voicing his frustration with liberals in public. In a previous interview with Jimmy Kimmel, he criticized “idiot liberals” for inadvertently creating a martyr out of former President Trump through their actions.

Moreover, Burr has consistently conveyed his aversion to liberals through his podcast, “Monday Morning Podcast,” where he has remarked that he dislikes their tendency to use certain groups as “props.” In a September 2023 episode, he criticized the way in which liberals approach Gay Pride Month, suggesting that it is more about straight individuals showcasing their association with the LGBTQ+ community rather than celebrating the community itself.

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