Former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani’s 80th birthday bash in Palm Beach took an unexpected turn as he was served with notice of his Arizona indictment, sources have revealed. The event, attended by nearly 75 guests, was interrupted by two officials from Arizona’s attorney general’s office who arrived at around 11 p.m. to deliver the papers in the case. The indictment alleges that Giuliani and 17 others were involved in a plot to overturn the 2020 election.

The surprise delivery of the legal papers triggered a mixed response among partygoers. Some started screaming, while one woman even cried as Giuliani was served. Caroline Wren, a top GOP consultant who hosted the birthday party at her home, criticized the move, accusing the Arizona Secretary of State’s office of misusing resources and comparing the incident to storming Normandy.

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Giuliani’s political advisor, Ted Goodman, echoed the sentiment, expressing disappointment at the lack of respect shown towards the former mayor. “They could’ve shown a little more respect for the man who comforted the nation following September 11th and who stands up for law enforcement and the men and women in blue,” said Goodman.

Giuliani was the final individual among the 18 defendants to be served in the indictment, which was returned by a grand jury last month. Arizona authorities had been searching for Giuliani for the past few weeks and finally located him at the Palm Beach celebration.

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The birthday soirée attracted as many as 200 guests, including notable figures such as Roger Stone and Steve Bannon. Throughout the gathering, Giuliani filmed an hour-long episode of his YouTube show, “America’s Mayor Live,” engaging in conversations with guests like Stone and Bannon. The celebration began on a cheerful note, with Giuliani even entertaining the crowd by singing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York.”

However, the festive atmosphere took a sudden shift when Giuliani was served with the indictment. Sources report that he promptly left the party in his car after the incident.

The charges leveled against the indicted individuals in the “fake electors” plot include fraud, forgery, and conspiracy. Among the 18 indicted are former White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows and former Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward. The indictment proclaims that on November 3, 2020, the people of Arizona elected Joseph Biden as President and that the defendants, unwilling to accept this fact, conspired to prevent the lawful transfer of power.

The situation surrounding Giuliani’s birthday celebration highlights the ongoing legal challenges and controversies surrounding the 2020 election. As these legal proceedings continue, the country remains divided on the implications and consequences of the events being investigated.

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