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Bill & Hillary’s Airport Exec Shot Dead by ATF: Clinton Body Count? [VIDEO]

"Weird kind of deal. It appears that he was a collector and a seller, and he was going to gun shows, selling weapons, trading weapons, yes, illegally. He was committing a federal crime. So I got a copy of the search warrant."

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Pirate News
21 days ago

Cops are required to fail an IQ test to get hired, so that they will perp daily crimes for their theiving bosses, courts ordered its ok to ban smart cops. This idiot says the airport manager was guilty, without any court hearing, without quoting the bogus arrest warrant. He fails to link a copy of arrest warrant and affidavits. It is not a crime to sell and buy guns without an FFL, unless a felon. Period. It is not a crime to carry a gun to answer you door. Prosecutors often lie in warrants. Judges rubberstamp warrants exparte without due process, many socalled judges are not lawyers, never graduated high school, many cannont read (quoting NYT). Cops are required by law to disobey all illegal orders and arrest their supervisors, same as all soldiers in military (Soldiers Manual for Common Tasks, UCMJ amd MCM). This was a targeted assassination by the Clintons aka Rockefellers, dead eyewitnesses to their drugrunning illegal alien invader nuke stealing crime cartel cant testify against them. 450,000 illegal aliens illegally flown into USA by Pedo Joe Biden to illegally bypass Border Patrol to overthrow USA. What did Trump say on TV to Hilarys face? That he will arrest her. Now he is arrested for 91 felonies and convicted of 34 felonies, for a civil matter, beyond statute of limitations, key witness a convicted felon who robbed Trump, and a prostitute who testified she never effed Trump. Judge bribed $2.5M by Democrat governor and Democrat leader of Congress to stop his election. A dozen NYPD detectives cried and vomited while watching Hillarys Frazzledrip cannibal snuff kiddie porn video were murdered.