A Georgia couple’s lewd antics at a Mexican restaurant in Waycross, Georgia, were caught on video and later led to their arrest, as reported. Joe Boyett filmed himself attempting to pour a margarita down the rear end of his wife, Mary Sweats, causing the explicit footage to go viral.


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The video showed Boyett trying to use a funnel to administer the drink, but when that failed, he resorted to pouring the tequila-based beverage directly down his wife’s backside as she kneels in a booth. The explicit content circulated online, prompting Sweats to call the authorities to complain about the leaked video. Ironically, her complaint led to the couple’s arrest, according to TMZ.


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The police had been unaware of the scandalous incident until Sweats contacted them, which led to the arrest of the pair. Boyett turned himself in on Monday, with Sweats following suit on Tuesday.


Further explicit videos of the couple’s indecent behavior also emerged, including one showing Sweats exposing her breasts while Boyett places his mouth on her left breast. These additional inappropriate actions have raised concerns about the involvement of restaurant employees in the X-rated acts.


Upon discovering the incident, the restaurant in question condemned the behavior and announced plans to investigate the involvement of any employees. They stressed that such conduct is unacceptable and not in line with their commitment to providing a family-friendly dining experience. The restaurant added that they are working closely with authorities to conduct a thorough investigation and will take appropriate action against any employees found to be involved in the incident.