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Merrick Garland Could Be Held In ‘Inherent Contempt,’ Rep Luna Pushing Forward

Florida GOP Representative Anna Paulina Luna remains resolute in her efforts to hold Attorney General Merrick Garland in “inherent contempt” before the House floor. In a tweet on Tuesday, Luna stated, “Democrats can vote with us! Get us the tapes! Tomorrow, we will bring the vote on inherent contempt to the floor!” Luna aims to emphasize the importance of cabinet officials adhering to congressional demands.



The timing of Luna’s vote remains uncertain, as House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, has reportedly [3] advised her to delay temporarily. Notably, a vote to hold a cabinet member in inherent contempt has not occurred in almost a century.


Explaining her stance, Luna clarified that under inherent contempt procedures, the individual in question would be summoned by the Sergeant at Arms to appear before the House, subsequently undergoing a trial by the body. Detention of the non-compliant individual can occur either within the Capitol or in Washington, D.C.



This push for inherent contempt comes in the wake of a prior June vote in the GOP-dominated House, where Attorney General Garland was held in contempt of Congress. The vote was prompted by Garland’s refusal to release the audio recording of special counsel Robert Hur’s interview with Joe Biden during the classified documents investigation.



Although Hur’s report did not pursue charges against Biden, it did mention that, based on their interview, Biden portrayed himself as an elderly man with a poor memory, likely sympathetic to a jury.



As Rep. Luna proceeds with her plan, the question of whether Democrats will join forces with the GOP in holding the Attorney General in inherent contempt remains.