The official account of the television series The Sopranos has “ratioed” the President of the United States.


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“Ratioing” is a social media slang term for when an account posts an unpopular opinion only for a reply to receive more likes and reposts than the original, signaling strong disapproval of the offending post.


Should The 25th Amendment Be Used To Remove Joe Biden From Office?

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On Friday, July 5, Joe Biden reaffirmed his commitment to the November presidential election and pledged to “stay in the race” as the Democrat Party nominee and President.



In response, the official account of The Sopranos went viral after posting a scene of James Gandolfini’s Tony Soprano character saying: “If you gotta keep saying you’re the boss, you’re not the boss.”



Many commenters on X saw the good nature of the post… To check out the rest of this story, visit WokeSpy.