Joe Biden recently appeared on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, expressing confidence in his political instincts and addressing criticism from within his own party. Biden emphasized his accurate predictions regarding the 2020 and 2024 elections, even though the 2024 election is months away. He asserted that he had foreseen the Democratic victories and dismissed the notion of a “red wave” before the 2022 election.


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“Let’s get something clear about 2020 and 2024 not only were they wrong, I said they were wrong beforehand. I said we were going to win and how we’re going to win. I didn’t pretend about it. Wasn’t like, Oh my God. I was surprised. I was not surprised. I predicted it. I knew what we’re doing,” Biden stated.


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Joe Biden also highlighted his proactive stance ahead of the 2022 midterms, saying, “I was one of the few people out there publicly saying, Before the 2022 election, there will be no red wave. There will be no red wave, because I’ve been all over the country. I didn’t believe it at all.”


Biden mentioned his involvement in key races in 2023, where he confidently predicted victories. “In 2023 the key elections, I went into those races, not every one of them, but a lot of them, I said we were going to win. Look at we won those,” he noted.


Biden reiterated his commitment to rebuilding the economy for hard-working and middle-class Americans, emphasizing, “I’m here for two reasons. PAL one, to rebuild the economy for hard work and middle class people. Give everybody a shot. Just a straight shot. Everybody gets a fair chance.”


Addressing critics within the Democratic Party, Biden expressed frustration over doubts about his support, particularly among black voters. “Remember all this talk about how I don’t have the black support. Come on. Give me a break. Come with me. Watch, watch. I’m getting so frustrated, but by the elites now, I’m not talking about you guys, but about the elites in the party who they know so much more. But any of these guys don’t think I should run, run against me. Go ahead. Announce, announce for President, challenge me at the convention,” he challenged.