Former President Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron Trump, made a rare appearance Tuesday night at his father’s rally in Florida, receiving a round of applause from the ecstatic crowd. Trump took a moment during his rally to introduce his son, who he said had never attended one of his political rallies before.


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“A very young man who just turned 18 – look at this!” Trump said as he pointed towards his son, who was sitting with his siblings behind him. The crowd cheered at the sight of Barron as he stood up and waved, giving them a double fist pump. “That’s my boy,” Trump said before jokingly saying, “He might be more popular than his brothers Don and Eric; we got to talk about that.”


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Barron, who is 6-foot-7 inches tall and towers above his father, impressed his dad with his intelligence and good demeanor. Trump said that his son got into every college he wanted and had made his choice. “He’s a very good guy,” Trump said as the crowd applauded loudly.


Barron has largely stayed out of the political spotlight, but he has recently featured in the news after appearing in a leaked video slamming Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the days after the June 27 debate. He was also asked to be a Florida delegate at the Republican National Convention in May, but he declined the request.



Trump praised his son for handling the media and the press, who he said have kept him under scrutiny since he was young. Trump also talked about the transition Barron was going through, saying, “He had such a nice, easy life – now it’s a little bit changed.”