A new physical precious metals product launched that immediately caused a stir in the gold and silver industry. “Prepper Bar” is a utility bar that is perforated to allow owners the ability to break off pieces ranging from 1.5 grams up to 7.7 grams.

They fit nicely in one’s wallet so they can be carried around constantly.

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“People have been asking me how we came up with the idea and I have to tell them that I can’t take credit,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO at Prepper Bar. “Over the years, our customers have been asking for something tradeable, portable, and spendable so we made Prepper Bar as the perfect accommodation.”

These 62 gram bars are flat and come in either silver or gold. The Silver Prepper Bar is available for immediate shipment while the Gold Prepper Bar will be available by the end of June.

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We asked Rose what makes these bars so different from regular bars or coins.

“Gold and silver are great for holding wealth but you’d need a pretty sturdy hacksaw to shave off incremental chunks for sale or barter,” he said. “Prepper Bars are strong but they can be easily broken along the perforations so if we find ourselves in a pinch, we can break off the right amount, no problem.”

Check out the new Prepper Bars today.