Madden San Miguel, better known as Baby Gronk, has now flipped his “commitment” from Ole Miss to Clemson, adding to a growing list of schools he’s pledged to in the past month.

But don’t count on the commitment from the eleven-year-old viral sensation sticking. For those unfamiliar with Baby Gronk, understand that he has no relationship to future hall of fame Rob Gronkowski and he also has no official scholarship offers.

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However, this hasn’t stopped Baby Gronk, or those managing his account, from frequently posting his commitments on social media. The drive to make headlines with his pledges seems unending, so it’s unlikely he will remain “committed” to Clemson for long.

Baby Gronk has also stated he would play for Ole Miss, Texas A&M, Minnesota, Pitt, South Carolina, Texas, USC, Auburn, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee within the last ten days. He has committed to even more schools over the past month.

It was just this past Sunday where Baby Gronk flipped his commitment from Texas A&M to Ole Miss, and now he’s changed schools again.