Video footage pertaining to show the moment two FBI agents intimidated a Texas nurse has gone viral.

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The footage relates to a major healthcare scandal in which nurse Vanessa Sivadge alleged that the Texas Children’s Hospital illegally billed Medicaid for transgender procedures. Medicaid is not permitted to be used on so-called “gender reaffirming” treatment.

Savidge, who worked extensively with the hospital’s transgender patients, realised she was unwittingly participating in a secret “gender-affirming” clinic despite previous public promises by the hospital to close it down.

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City Journal report in May 2023 detailed how an anonymous whistleblower – now known to be Savidge – provided documents on the secret continuation of the program, which included providing young children with implantable puberty blockers.

Christopher F. Rufo, who broke the scandal, shared a detailed thread on X about the story including a video from shortly after its original publication in May last year… To check out the rest of this story, visit WokeSpy.

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