At Snow Canyon Middle School, Officer C. Layton has become a local hero for his unique method of tackling student tardiness. Understanding the need for students to arrive on time, Officer Layton proposed an innovative challenge to encourage punctuality.


After analyzing the average daily tardies at the end of the third quarter, Officer Layton made an announcement at the assembly. He promised the students that if they could bring their average daily tardies down to below 100, he would willingly get tased. This bold move sparked a wave of excitement and determination among the students.


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To keep the momentum going, the school displayed a tardy meter that was updated daily, providing a visual representation of the students’ progress. The students eagerly monitored the meter and encouraged each other to be on time during passing periods.


Remarkably, the students succeeded in reducing their tardies to an average of 85 per day. True to his word, Officer Layton subjected himself to being tased, demonstrating his dedication and commitment to the students. His willingness to follow through on his promise set a powerful example of leadership and involvement. A post to Instagram by the St. George Police Department shows the anticipated event taking place:


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Officer Layton’s creative approach not only lowered tardiness but also fostered a sense of community and shared goals. His dedication and innovative thinking have made a lasting impact on the students and the school.

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