Everything for the NHL’s newest team is set. Utah’s new team will go by the name The Utah Hockey Club. Well, at least for the 2024-25 season.

Utah’s new NHL team became official Thursday when Smith Entertainment Group completed the acquisition of the hockey assets of the now-inactive Arizona Coyotes. s

The Utah Hockey Club was one of the options in the fan survey and will be considered along with five other possibilities as deliberations on branding continue. Once the team name is chosen, a logo and jersey will be designed for the 2025-26 season.

For now, the club unveiled its jersey design and colors for the upcoming season.

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“The color palette consists of Rock Black, representing the darkness of night in the mountains and the volcanic rock of Utah’s deserts; Salt White, illustrating both the snow on Utah’s peaks and the famous salt flats; and Mountain Blue, a representation of Utah’s rich winter sports history and its clear skies for more than 230 days a year,” SEG said in a statement.

The Utah Hockey Club will play its home games at the Delta Center in downtown Salt Lake City.

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