The American ‘hitwoman’ hiding out after her purported failed assassination attempt in England has allegedly been chatting with friends (as reported by the New York Post) back home in Wisconsin, describing her situation as a “sh*t show.”


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One male friend from Stevens Point messaged Aimee Betro, 44, on Facebook (now deleted), asking, “Lol what are you up to?” and sent her an article about her involvement in a 2019 murder-for-hire plot. A post from X allegedly shows photos of both the contractors (in a mug shot from West Midlands Police), and the would-be assassin herself:

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Surprisingly, Betro, allegedly still on the run in Asia, replied. “Dude I saw, like wtf I don’t even know where to start with all the misinformation that’s said about me,” she wrote. “It’s a f**king sh*t show.” Her friend responded, “I’m glad you are OK! Do you need anything or can I help you somehow?”

Accused of attempting to carry out an assassination in Birmingham, England in 2019, Betro was an unassuming American tourist whose secret life as an alleged hitwoman was revealed after a jammed gun foiled her plot. She had flown from Milwaukee to kill boutique store owner Sikander Ali on the orders of rival Mohammed Aslam, 56, and his son Mohammed Nazir, 30.

Disguised in a hijab, Betro tried to gun down Ali, but fled when her weapon jammed. She later returned and fired three shots at the property. A trial in the UK exposed her dual life as an administrator for the Milwaukee Brewers baseball team by day and a supposed assassin by night.

A friend from her hometown mentioned that several friends had been communicating with her about the incident. “I talked to her best friend today and that person said she talks to Aimee every day,” he said. “She’s using her phone every day, she’s taking pictures out of her apartment window, snap chatting people all the time.” He added, “If police really wanted to catch her, they’d already have her. Just track her phone and have her.”

Betro’s mother, Jeanne Johnson, who lives in a trailer park in Stevens Point, was unaware of her daughter’s alleged crime until she was shown the article. “I’m shocked,” she said, “I’ve been waiting for this day – either trouble or dead.” Johnson, divorced from Betro’s father, Stephen Betro, who is currently incarcerated in Wisconsin on felony drug charges, was left in disbelief. “What the hell was she thinking?” she exclaimed.

During her time in the UK, Betro maintained the appearance of a normal tourist, sharing almost hourly updates on Instagram (now deleted from her activities, from visiting the London Eye to attending a music festival). Betro’s friend expressed disbelief at her involvement. “She’s the last person I’d ever think would be an assassin. Thankfully it didn’t go like she wanted it to because at least now there’s a snowball’s chance she might not be in that much trouble.”