Following a Hall of Fame career, former New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is setting the stage for the next chapter in his life. This fall when the 2024 NFL season kicks off Brady will be serving as FOX’s top color analyst alongside Kevin Burkhardt.

During a conversation with NFL Network’s Mike Garafolo and Tom Pelissero about his new role Brady explained how he plans to handle watching subpar performances and decisions in the games he’ll be broadcasting.

“A lot like Peyton [Manning], I have a very high expectation for how I think the game needs to be played, how it needs to be coached and how it needs to be officiated,” Brady said. “I want to see the game grow. I want to see the game succeed. I want to see it better than ever. How can I play a role and impact that? I can give my own opinion. If people want to listen, great, and if they don’t, that’s OK… Next year, you might say, ‘Tom, tone it down, man. You’re being a jerk out there. Let these guys grow and develop.'”

From the sounds of it brutal honesty is expected, which is likely to go over well with most NFL fans. And while most are anxious to see how Brady performs in this new role, there will no doubt be comparisons to his predecessor, former NFL tight end Greg Olsen. Olsen, who was adored by fans, is being moved to another team.

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