Vice President Kamala Harris has become a significant political liability for Joe Biden, according to Democratic strategist James Carville and NewsNation host Chris Cuomo. Described as Biden’s “Achilles’ heel,” Harris is considered remarkably predictable, which has taken a toll on her approval ratings. According to, her current approval stands at a dismal 38.4%, with nearly 50% disapproving of her performance.

Carville shared his thoughts during an interview with Cuomo on NewsNation’s “Cuomo” show, suggesting that Harris should deviate from her usual talking points regarding abortion and the border. Instead, he suggested she focus on crime statistics that reflect positively on the Biden regime. However, Cuomo challenged this advice, questioning whether Harris’ association with the issue might hinder the effectiveness of such a strategy.

Expressing his views, Carville stated, “I think that Vice President Harris, who is the most predictable politician I’ve ever seen, should go to Phoenix, announce a speech, and let everybody show up thinking it’s going to be about the border, or abortion, or something else.” He proposed that Harris commend the efforts of law enforcement officers, as well as the courts and juries, for their remarkable contributions in reducing crime rates across the United States.

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Carville went on, pointing out the need to deliver this message in a dramatic and memorable fashion. He hoped that by doing something different and avoiding predictability, the vice president could potentially turn around her perception among the American people. Carville specifically singled out cities like Milwaukee and New York, emphasizing that they had seen a decline in crime and were becoming safer.

In a separate interview, retired New York Police Department inspector Paul Mauro questioned the credibility of the FBI’s crime statistics for the first three months of 2024, which purportedly show a decrease when compared to the same period last year. Mauro asserted that these statistics cannot be trusted since major cities like Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York did not report any crime data to the FBI in 2023, as reported by Fox News.

RVM’s Sean Parnell also called out the crime statistics hoax. Watch:

Cuomo raised concerns regarding Harris’ potential impact on Biden’s re-election prospects, suggesting that she may be the reason why some voters refuse to support him. Carville dismissed this notion and insisted that the proposed speech would contribute to improving Harris’ public image.

Cuomo, however, remained skeptical, comparing the suggestion to calling a horse with a bad paint job a zebra. Acknowledging the challenges faced by Harris, Cuomo mentioned how her reputation and actions were deeply ingrained. He drew a parallel, indicating that if the Democrats had another Clinton-like figure, their political standing might be significantly different at present.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Trump currently holds a slight lead over Biden by 0.8% in the national presidential election, as reported by the RealClearPolling average. With Harris’s approval ratings and public perception at stake, it remains to be seen how her actions and messaging will shape the future of the Biden regime.

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