For years, college football fans had to resort to tailgating for their pre-game beers, as NCAA rules and various state laws prevented the sale of alcohol inside stadiums. This changed gradually as universities recognized the potential for increased revenue and improved fan experience.

The NCAA began relaxing its stance and by the mid-2010s several schools started to pilot beer sales during games. Today, a significant number of stadiums have embraced this change, though prices can vary dramatically.

As a byproduct many of the nation’s most difficult environments to play in have become all the more ruckus given the inclusion of alcohol.

Let’s break down the most and least expensive beers available in college football stadiums, as highlighted in a recent tweet by @CFBRep.

Most Expensive Beers According to @CFBRep

  1. Tennessee Volunteers 
    • Price: $13 per beer
    • You had to expect that an SEC program would come in first place, and it did.
  2. UCLA Bruins and the Colorado Buffs
    • Price: $12 per beer
  3. Minnesota Gold Gophers and Rutgers Scarlet Knights
    • Price: $11 per beer
    • The Big Ten has two teams tied for third, both coming in north of $10/beer. If you’re in Minneapolis be sure to pair cheese curds with your beer…oh and dress in layers.
  4. Arkansas Razorbacks, USC Trojans, Oregon St. Beavers, NC State Wolfpack, Syracuse Orange, Virginia Tech Hokies, Purdue Boilermakers and Illinois Fighting Illini.

Go Ad Free With Premium, Try It For $1

While we would be here all day if we listed prices for all 134 D-I teams, keep in mind the national average across the NCAA is $8.34 per beer. You can see the tweet listing more teams by @CFBRep below.

Then in case you are wondering where you can grab some suds for the cheapest, the cheapest beers are listed below.

Least Expensive Beers

TCU Hornfrogs and Tulane Green Wave

  • Price: $3 per beer
  • Honestly, can you find a beer anywhere cheaper? We think not.

The introduction of beer sales in college stadiums has not been without controversy. Critics argue it could lead to increased alcohol-related incidents and detract from the traditional collegiate atmosphere. However, many would argue the opposite is true on the latter point and universities have reported significant revenue boosts from beer sales, often channeling these funds back into athletic programs, student services, and facility upgrades. This additional income stream has been particularly beneficial in an era where athletic departments are constantly seeking new funding sources.

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