Sean Parnell, host of Battleground LIVE, launched a scathing critique against the Democratic Party, accusing them of a systematic campaign of misinformation and lies. Citing various examples, Parnell argued that the Democrats have lost their core message and are now solely focused on attacking President Trump and spreading false narratives.

Sean Parnell began his monologue by expressing disbelief at the frequency of lies from the Democrats. “Democrats just lie about everything. You know that, right? It’s absolutely unbelievable how often they lie. And I’m kicking off the show like this because it just seems like the party was never like this before.”

Parnell reminisced about a time when the Democratic Party had a clear message and a sense of patriotism. “They used to have a political party that was centered around a message. My grandfather, lifelong union Democrat, was a Democrat primarily because they backed the little guy. They backed the American working man. He didn’t like Republicans because he thought that they were all fat cats. Back then, the Democrats used to fly American flags outside of their homes. There used to be a sense that they loved the country, even though they had views that were different than that of conservatives, there was still a sense that they loved America. Well, it doesn’t feel like that anymore.”

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According to Parnell, the Democrats no longer have a coherent message. “In fact, they have no message at all, nothing, none, zip, zilch, whatsoever. They lie about everything.”

He listed several examples to illustrate his point:

  • Economy: “The economy is great. Well, the economy is in shambles. We know that. We feel it every day.”
  • Inflation: “They get up there at the podium from the White House press room and say, inflation is going down. Inflation isn’t going down. Inflation is the worst it’s been since Jimmy Carter.”
  • Ukraine Conflict: “Ukraine is winning. Ukraine is getting their ass kicked, despite how much American taxpayer dollars that they receive.”
  • Border Security: “The border is secure. The border is a huge shit show, a tidal wave of human suffering. It’s also a huge national security threat.”
  • Crime Statistics: “Crime is through the roof. The Democrats will look at you right in your face and all their acolytes in the media and say that, look at this. We just got the FBI crime report, and what gee willy willickers. Would you look at that? Crime is at its lowest point ever. Yeah, that’s because New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Nashville. They don’t report their crime statistics to the FBI anymore. Again, another brazen lie.”

Parnell did not hold back when discussing the media’s role in perpetuating these lies. “How about Trump? When it comes to Trump, just the craziest shit in the world, they lie about the fine people hoax, the guillotine hoax yesterday, oh, Trump wants to bring out the guillotine for people because he’s a felon now, and can’t use a firearm.”

He continued, “And then there, of course, was guerrilla TV, the fake TV network that the media fell for. All that 24 hours a day, seven days a week, of just gorillas fighting. And the story, of course, you remember, was Trump just sits in the Lincoln Bedroom in the White House, and watches guerilla TV, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and does very little governing. The media actually printed that. The media believed that hoax, and because they thought it hurt Trump, they lied about it.”

Sean Parnell’s passionate monologue underscores his belief that the Democratic Party has lost its way, resorting to lies and misinformation to mislead the public and attack their opponents.

Watch the full episode of Battleground LIVE with Sean Parnell:

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