On Monday night, a group of anti-Israel demonstrators gathered outside a downtown Manhattan exhibit honoring the victims of the Oct. 7 Nova Music Festival, where 364 innocent individuals were killed in a heinous act of terrorism by Hamas. The protesters, aligned with the pro-Palestinian organization Within Our Lifetime, engaged in an alarming display of support for the perpetrators of the attack.

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During the protest, participants chanted “Long Live the Intifada,” an ominous declaration that drew strong condemnation from supporters of Israel. The crowd waved flags associated with the Iran-backed Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah and clashed with law enforcement officers as they lit flares outside the Nova Music Festival Exhibition on Wall Street. The event was labeled as a “citywide day of rage for Gaza” by its organizers.

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Music mogul Scooter Braun, one of the exhibition’s organizers, expressed confusion and disapproval of the demonstration in a social media post late Monday, stating, “I don’t understand why protesting a memorial for innocent music lovers who were raped and butchered and kidnapped helps.”

The protest was met with fierce backlash from advocates for Israel, including former Israeli government speechwriter Aviva Klompas and Manhattan Borough President Mark Levine. New York GOP Rep. Michael Lawler characterized the actions of the protesters as “disgusting” and condemned their targeting of the exhibition as a show of support for the terrorists responsible for the tragic event.

Despite the troubling display, the Nova Exhibit has announced its decision to extend its run until June 22 in light of the unexpected protest. The exhibit was originally intended to conclude on Sunday.

Launched in April, the exhibition aims to provide insight into the terror inflicted by Hamas during the Oct. 7 attack, shedding light on the brutal assault and its impact on the “Tribe of Nova” festival in southern Israel. The installation seeks to recreate an event dedicated to peace and love that was abruptly cut short by the devastating attack orchestrated by Hamas. Additionally, a United Nations envoy stated in March that there are “reasonable grounds” to believe Hamas terrorists committed acts of rape and “sexualized torture” during the assault in southern Israel.

The protest on Monday evening resulted in six individuals receiving summonses from the NYPD, including three for disorderly conduct and three for fare evasion. This demonstration is just one in a series of ongoing protests against Israel following the appalling attack by Hamas last year, which resulted in the loss of 1,200 lives and prompted a military response by the Israeli government.

This event serves as a distressing reminder of the ongoing tensions in the region and the resolute resistance faced by those who stand in support of Israel’s right to security and peace.

The fight against anti-Semitism and terror sympathizers continues to be a pressing concern for advocates of justice and peace.

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