Over 2,000 teenagers gathered in Long Beach on Long Island, New York, for what police described as a “senior skip day,” and things turned dangerous with at least one person reportedly being shot.

Long Beach Police were overwhelmed by the number of teens and called in Nassau County Police for assistance in controlling the crowd.

“A shot went off, and then several more,” a witness told FOX 5. “We saw a flash, and girls started running. People were tripping over each other.” The witness said he and another person ran to a nearby laundromat for safety.

“My son asked me to come and get him,” a mother told FOX 5 from her car. “There was a shooting. He couldn’t get on the train. I was just happy he was safe.”

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A Long Beach Police officer stated, “Earlier today, there was a large group of youth on our beach, upwards of over 2,000. The group was dispersed by the Long Beach Police Department with the help of the Nassau County Police Department. Segments of the group moved to the area of Edwards Boulevard and Park Avenue, where an individual was shot. That individual was taken to the hospital and is being treated.”

Police confirmed the person shot was a male but did not specify his age, describing him as a “young adult.” They added, “It appears to be a social media event, maybe a senior cut day. There were multiple schools on the beach.”

Two people were taken into custody, according to FOX 5.

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