Police footage has been released showing the dramatic moment when a SWAT team’s sniper killed an armed suspect, Sterling Ramon Alavache, who was holding two Bank of America workers at knifepoint in Florida, claiming to have a bomb.

Alavache was killed after holding one of the hostages in a headlock and holding a knife to her throat, that’s when SWAT team’s sheriff’s sniper decided to take action. The shot was straight through a computer monitor and into Alavache’s head – killing him instantly.

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The woman he used as a shield, and other hostages at the scene outside Fort Myers, escaped harm.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office instantly responded with the appropriate measures, including a robotic dog, drones, a battering ram, and a SWAT team. A chaotic scene took place following the attempt of robbery and hostage situation, causing terrified people to run outside.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office SWAT teams had surrounded the bank to deal with the incident, although they didn’t mention the sniper location while carrying out the operation.

During a press conference regarding the incident, Sheriff Carmine Marceno stated that Alavache was armed with a knife and claimed to have a bomb. Law enforcement continued to negotiate with the perpetrator to surrender, which was, unfortunately, unsuccessful. He then picked a hostage, threatening the woman with the knife to her throat, and the snipers took the decision to take action.

Charlie Lopez, a local radio host, had observed the incident and watched the sniper shooting from his car, taking to Facebook to provide details to his followers. He witnessed the event and mentioned how he had never seen such an intense display of Lee County’s weaponry and resources in one place before.

Multiple sclerosis-affected Alavache was diagnosed in 2022 with paranoid schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, as well as an addiction to alcohol and drugs. It was then that his troubles began as after the death of his wife in 2018, he was further subject to depression and drug intake. ‘It’s very sad because this is not who he was,’ said one close relative of Alavache. ‘The person who did this was essentially a stranger to all of us.’

In a statement made on a GoFundMe page created for Alavache, his family wrote that they found peace in the fact that he was now at rest, free from the struggles that plagued him. The statement read, “Though loved ones must now grieve Sterling’s absence, they find solace in the fact that he is at peace, and these struggles are no more.”

The dramatic scene caught the public’s attention and raised concerns about the safety of bank workers and customers. Police departments continue to work to ensure that anti-robbery measures are up-to-date and effective to prevent similar occurrences.

In conclusion, the hostage scenario ended tragically, but the police’s prompt response and the sniper’s swift action ultimately prevented the loss of more lives.

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