As we reported yesterday, renowned competitive eater Joey Chestnut and Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest have amicably parted ways due to an apparent impasse regarding Chestnut’s collaboration with Impossible Foods for the launch of their plant-based hot dog. However, a new contender has emerged to fill the void left by Chestnut.

Paige Spiranac, a former professional golfer turned influencer, has stepped up and offered to take Chestnut’s place in the hot dog eating competition. Spiranac, recently featured as a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model, showcased her own hot dog eating skills in a five-minute video shared on social media.

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In the video, Spiranac can be seen sitting at a table adorned with a patriotic blue top embellished with white stars. “I have found the video proof,” the 31-year-old captioned the post. “And I lied, it was only six hotdogs and not 6.5. I might have to try again this July 4th. Thoughts?”

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With a timer set for 10 minutes, Spiranac prepared herself for the challenge. Expressing her nervousness, she shared her strategy of taking out the hot dogs and eating them together. However, within seconds, she realized the conventional technique of dipping the franks into water to aid consumption. Despite trying this, she admitted that it didn’t provide much assistance.

Spiranac adjusted her approach and decided to consume one hot dog at a time, acknowledging that the task was much more difficult than anticipated. As time continued to tick, the challenge became increasingly arduous. In a humorous moment, she jokingly lamented that she would never view hot dogs in the same way again and even attempted to combine them to make one larger hot dog.

Ultimately, with just 20 seconds remaining, Spiranac conceded defeat, letting her dog enjoy one of the remaining hot dogs. Reflecting on the experience, she admitted, “OK, that sucked. That actually sucked.” She realized that her initial strategy of eating two at a time was too aggressive and that she should have stuck with her original plan of eating them one by one. Spiranac attributed the difficulty to the density of the food, explaining that she had so much in her mouth that she couldn’t swallow it all.


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In conclusion, Spiranac humorously remarked that the smell of hot dogs was making her gag. The experience taught her that some challenges are best left to the professionals. The entertaining endeavor showcased Spiranac’s willingness to embrace new experiences, even if they result in a better appreciation for the skills of the top competitive eaters.

As the hot dog eating contest approaches, the anticipation is building regarding who will claim victory this year. Will Chestnut’s absence pave the way for new contenders like Spiranac to make their mark? Only time will tell.

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