Brooklyn, NY—Ari Nagel, popularly known as the “Sperminator,” has something to celebrate this Father’s Day. The prolific Kingsborough Community College Mathematics professor welcomed his 165th child into the world on Wednesday through a woman in Connecticut. This man, who shot to fame eight years ago, says he will be retiring next year when he turns 50.

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“When he’s not growing his progeny, he vowed to “try to be a better father to my 175 children” – 34 of whom he hasn’t met yet.” – New York Post

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Nagel spread his seed, and he claims fatherhood of 165 children and counting. His ‘sperminating’ goes as far as having ten women worldwide pregnant, spanning the US, Canada, Asia, Africa, and Europe, with the due dates scattered between July and August. The man does not seem to be slowing down. He claims even to have had non-sexual, in-person meetings where hopeful mothers receive his sperm samples.

His children also span across the globe, with 56 in New York, 20 in New Jersey, and 13 in Connecticut. These numbers aside, the Sperminator hopes to be a better father to all his children, especially since he thinks he can’t be as good as his own father. He has met 131 of his offspring and keeps a spreadsheet with their names, birthdays, addresses, and phone numbers. He also posts pictures of his kids all over his office.

When asked about advice to his descendants, he urges them to say “yes” to everything. This man is ever embracing life’s opportunities, irrespective of its endless possibilities, and always saying yes. However, this lover of life faces one shortcoming in his extensive career; he is unsuccessful with dating apps and says he’s broke.

“I have the dating apps, but haven’t had much success finding a woman who wants to date someone with 165 kids and 10 women pregnant. I’m also pretty broke — which doesn’t help.”

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