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Second Amendment Rights Threatened, Veterans Targeted in Recent Congressional Vote [VIDEOS]

A recent vote in Congress to disarm certain veterans has ignited a contentious debate about Second Amendment rights and the treatment of veterans. On The Wayne Dupree Show, hosts Hutch and Jason Robertson expressed deep concerns about the implications of this decision, emphasizing the potential infringement on constitutional rights and the motives behind the government’s actions.

Hutch highlighted the troubling nature of the vote, pointing out the challenges veterans face with VA procedures. “There was a vote in Congress, and the majority of House Democrats voted to take away guns from certain veterans. Let me just give you a little background here. When I get my health care from the VA and I have to pay a co-pay every month, and there’s a form on pay.gov that I have to fill out every month to make this payment. A lot of our veterans are up in years, or maybe they have injuries to their hands or their eyes that make them where they can’t make these payments themselves, and maybe their brother or their son. There’s a place in the form that if you’re helping a veteran, you fill out your information, if you did any of that, they’re trying to take your guns away. They’re trying to say that you’re mentally unfit.”

Hutch further elaborated on the issue, underscoring the impact on veterans with PTSD. “And the bad part about these communists is there’s veterans out there right now. There are combat veterans out there who did a lot more combat than me, who have problems with PTSD and will never seek to get help because they know if they do that, they’re taking their guns away. And this is the VA just goes in front of a judge. They don’t take this to, you know, it’s the VA doing it. They’re putting a red flag on these people.”

He noted the bipartisan nature of the vote, with some Republicans opposing the veterans and a few Democrats supporting them. “There were two Republicans that voted against it. Tom McClintock and Matt Rosendale of Montana. Voted against the veterans. Wow. I mean, there were four Democrats that voted with the veterans. This would prevent the VA from disarming an estimated 20,000 veterans during the next fiscal year.”

Jason Robertson emphasized the foundational role of the Second Amendment in American security and the government’s motives behind disarming veterans. “Part of the reason why we’ve never been invaded, why the country is secure, is the Second Amendment. And the Second Amendment was crystal clear where it shall not be infringed, and it was designed to protect you, against, you know, against risks foreign and domestic. It was designed to keep the government in line. Why do you think the government wants to find excuses to disarm veterans?”

He pointed out the significant difference between past and present military leaders and the potential threat posed by veterans who are deeply committed to their oath. “The veterans 20 years ago, 30 years ago, are way different than the leaders serving in the military today, because if things get wild and people keep ignoring the Constitution, the people on the front lines are going to be these veterans, and they’re people that love their country, that took their oath to this country seriously, and it makes total sense that they’ll want to disarm those folks.”

Hutch revealed a startling statistic. “250,000 since Bill Clinton instituted this.”

Jason responded with disbelief. “It’s insane. God, I didn’t realize it was that bad.”

Hutch continued, highlighting the significance of veterans owning firearms. “Who do you think owns the ARs? Right? Veterans? Exactly, because they were deeply involved with ARs in their whole life, right? You know?”

He praised Eli Crane, a former Navy SEAL, for his efforts to protect veterans’ rights. “A hero of that is Eli Crane, I think he’s from Arizona. Eli Crane, former Navy SEAL, walks the walk. He’s the one that was a crane amendment to get him to stop that, and Biden has said he’ll veto it because of that. So we’ll see what happens.”

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