Blue state governments hate you more than you know if you’re a taxpaying, revenue-generating citizen or small business. No, it doesn’t make any sense that governments would work to make everything harder for the very people who fund their overreach, but they do.


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British business professor Stafford Beer coined the phrase, “the purpose of a system is what it does.” It explains why systems like governments, bureaucracies, and policies so often produce outcomes that have nothing to do with their stated purpose.


Do You Think the United States is Headed in the Right Direction?

Beer’s formula is perfectly illustrated by the San Francisco code department’s persecutory actions against small businesses. Everyone knows the city by the bay has turned into a city-sized outdoor bathroom and 21st century opium den. Crazed drug addicts, the homeless with their tents, and thieving criminals have made the streets unwalkable and the city unlivable.


They’ve also made it almost impossible to run a business. But the city itself is the biggest villain. When the eyecare practice Pacific Vision Foundation discovered they were losing business because patrons could not get past the homeless tents on the front sidewalk, PVF found a solution. They installed beautiful flower planters on the sidewalk. It worked; the tents went away. But then the city’s department of public works, the same city that refuses to clear out the vagrants, sent PVF a code violation citation for not getting a planter permit.


The city continues to punish small businesses for the actions of criminals. Check out this news clip about a corner store that’s thinking of closing shop. After criminals busted their glass doors, the city came down on the store for the code violation of not fixing the damage fast enough.



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