There was a massive outpouring of support after a pro-life diaper company announced its donation to the Diller family.

EveryLife has stepped up to support the family of fallen NYPD Officer Jonathan Diller. They have pledged a lifetime supply of diapers and wipes to his family following his tragic death.

“At EveryLife, we believe in supporting families and honoring the sacrifices of those who serve their communities,” said Sarah Gabel Seifert, co-founder and president of EveryLife, in a statement. “When we heard about the tragic loss of Officer Diller and the young son he left behind, we knew we had to help in any way we could.”

Officer Diller, 31, was shot and killed in Queens on Monday, March 25, during a traffic stop. The suspect, Guy Rivera, 34, who had 21 prior arrests, is charged with murder. Diller leaves behind his wife, Stephanie, and their 15-month-old son, Ryan. Diller’s wife, Stephanie, delivered a powerful eulogy at her husband’s funeral. Watch the heartfelt tribute in the video below from Twitter.

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On March 28, EveryLife initially announced it would supply the Diller family with a three-month supply of diapers and wipes. However, due to a massive outpouring of support from EveryLife’s “Buy For A Cause” program, the company was able to extend this support to a lifetime supply of diapers and wipes.

“Through the incredible generosity of our EveryLife community, we are humbled to provide a lifetime supply of our diapers and wipes to Officer Diller’s wife and son,” said Seifert. She called the effort a testament to EveryLife’s mission and values. Seifert also serves as CEO of Public Square, an app featuring the nation’s largest network of patriotic businesses.

EveryLife, based in Encinitas, California, has a special “Buy For A Cause” program on its website. People who don’t need to buy diapers for their children can purchase a “diaper bundle” that will be donated to charity. The bundle consists of six packs of diapers and four packs of wipes.

“We’re proud to partner with pro-life organizations that support those who make the bold and brave decision to choose life,” said EveryLife. “Each bundle purchased will be shipped to the organization facing the most urgent need as they aid families in crisis.”

Sarah Gabel Seifert emphasized, “By coming together to assist this young family who lost their hero far too soon, our community is not only meeting a practical need but sending a powerful message of solidarity. May his legacy of courage and service live on, and may his family feel the love of a grateful nation.”

“EveryLife celebrates life and supports parents in nurturing the next generation. Through our ‘Buy For A Cause’ program, we partner with pro-life organizations to aid families in crisis, reflecting our commitment to life and community.”

Contact Information for EveryLife:
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– Phone: (555) 123-4567
– Email: [email protected]




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