Farmers in Poland have taken matters into their own hands to combat the issue of illegal migrants arriving from Belarus by resorting to an unusual tactic – spilling pig manure along the state border. The farmers believe that such measures will serve as a deterrent and help put an end to the influx of undocumented immigrants, according to the CenyRolnicze portal.

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Damian Murawiec, a representative of the OOPR group, expressed that Polish farmers are now marking the border area on the Polish-Belarusian frontier with pig manure. The intention behind this action is to demonstrate their solidarity with the country’s security forces.

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Hubert Ojdana, a member of the Farmers’ Trade Union Korona, explained that the farmers are strategically placing manure barriers at a certain distance from the fence that separates Belarus from Poland. Ojdana further emphasized that these actions are being carried out in full compliance with the law and that the farmers have obtained the necessary consent from the authorities. He highlighted the legal complexities involved in defending Poland against illegal immigration, mentioning that the military is unable to employ weapons to deter the migrants.

The farmers made it clear that their efforts will strictly adhere to the law. They expressed hope that the act of spilling pig manure would deter any attempts by illegal immigrants to cross the marked line, taking into consideration the migrants’ religious beliefs.

It is worth noting that the majority of individuals attempting to breach the fence on the Polish-Belarusian border are reported to be adherents of the Muslim faith. In Islam, pigs are considered “unclean” animals, and followers are required to abstain from any association with them.

The innovative approach taken by Polish farmers highlights their determination to address the issue of illegal immigration, while also considering the cultural sensitivities involved. By standing in solidarity with the country’s security forces, these farmers aim to play their part in safeguarding the integrity of Poland’s borders.

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