The New England Patriots made legendary quarterback Tom Brady their 35th player to be inducted into the Patriots Hall of Fame last night.

Brady was there, with over 60,000 fans in attendance, to accept a red blazer as the newest member of the Patriots Hall of Fame.

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Brady spoke for 20 minutes, humbly accepting owner Robert Kraft’s announcement that his No. 12 jersey would be retired, and a statue would be erected outside the stadium.

During his speech Brady thanked his teammates, coaches, family, friends, and competitors. He also hugged Kraft and former coach Bill Belichick, praising the kitchen staff and those who cleaned the players’ lockers, covering all the bases.

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“To be successful at anything,” Brady said, “the truth is you don’t have to be special. You have to be what most people aren’t: consistent, determined, and willing to work for it. No shortcuts.”

“If you look at all my teammates here tonight, it would be impossible to find better examples of men who embody that work ethic, integrity, purpose, determination, and discipline that it takes to be a champion in life.”

During the speech Brady beautiful addressed his relationship with Belichick and the ongoing debate about who was responsible for the Patriots’ success.

“It wasn’t me,” Brady said. “It wasn’t you. It was us. Our hard work, our love of the game, and the way we worked for one another, that’s what it was all about. Let me make this crystal clear, there is no coach in the world I would rather play for than Bill Belichick.”

He offered words of wisdom on football and life to listeners, discussing the fact that the game of football and all that goes into it is not easy. Furthermore, he cemented how life is hard, but how important showing up, being consistent and working hard were key to success.

Ending the night with emotion, Brady, with tears in his eyes and a cracking voice, told the crowd, “You humble me. You make me proud. And I am eternally grateful. I am Tom Brady. And I am a Patriot.”

Barstool’s Dave Portnoy was in attendance and got front row seats to the ceremony. Portnoy later bumped into Brady backstage where Tom thanked Dave and his team for their support saying, ““You guys are notorious, infamous, number 1.”