The 84th Sisters Rodeo in Oregon got more than they bargained for on Saturday night, as an unexpected and harrowing incident unfolded, leaving multiple spectators and a deputy injured. The star of the show turned out to be Party Bus, a rodeo bull whose escape from the arena led to a series of terrifying events.

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Video footage captured the chaos as Party Bus charged through the crowd, violently tossing and stampeding a woman wearing a red shirt. The scene was reminiscent of a nightmare as the bull flipped the woman into the air, landing her squarely on its head before flinging her off its horns a second time. She was then left sprawled on the ground under the bull’s hooves, as it crashed through a table and made a daring escape into the parking lot.

Fortunately, the rodeo pick-up men were able to swiftly capture Party Bus next to the livestock holding pens, bringing an end to the frenzied incident. The Sisters Rodeo Association released a statement acknowledging that three people were injured as a direct result of the bull, two of whom had to be transported to a local hospital for treatment. Thankfully, all victims were released the following day. Additionally, a deputy sustained minor injuries while responding to the chaotic scene, further escalating the tense situation.

The incident transpired just before 10 p.m. during the final run of the night at the 84th Sisters Rodeo, an event that attracts some of the nation’s top cowboys and draws thousands of eager spectators. Shockingly, an additional video captured the unsuspecting crowd singing along to Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” while Party Bus made frantic loops around the arena, attempting to avoid horseback riders.

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As Party Bus unexpectedly lept over a 7-foot fence, sending spectators scrambling out of harm’s way, shock and disbelief reverberated through the arena. In the aftermath of the chaos, the bull was promptly removed from the arena, with rodeo officials and the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association expressing their dedication to retraining and ensuring such an incident doesn’t recur.

Leslie Lange, the livestock provider whose stable includes Party Bus, expressed her commitment to working with the bull to avoid a similar scenario in the future. While the PRCA emphasized the overall safety of rodeo events, the alarming incident at the 84th Sisters Rodeo served as a stark reminder of the inherent risks associated with such entertainment.

The rodeo community and spectators are reeling from the shock of this rare and frightening episode, with hopes that enhanced safety measures and continued vigilance will prevent such incidents in the future.

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