According to new data released by the FBI, the heavily gun-controlled state of California has officially achieved the top spot in “active shooter incidents” for the year 2023.

In the FBI’s report, a total of 48 incidents were classified as active shooter incidents in 2023. Shockingly, California accounted for a staggering 8 out of the 48 incidents, making it the leading state in the nation, as reported by Fox News.

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“Notably, California had the largest number of active shooting incidents with eight. The locations of the shootings were open spaces, places of businesses, and education centers,” noted ABC News in response to the FBI findings.

Even in the face of stringent gun control laws, California has managed to maintain its consistent lead in active shooter incidents. As Fox News also highlighted, “California – which has some of the toughest gun control laws in the country – led the way with eight incidents.”

Gun control laws in America should be... ?

This isn’t the first time that California has found itself in this position. Previous FBI data from 2021 revealed that the state led the U.S. in active shooter incidents with six such occurrences, as reported by Breitbart News.

What adds an extra layer of irony to this situation is the fact that California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has continually praised the supposed success of gun control measures in his state while taking jabs at other states, such as Florida, for their perceived lax gun laws.

Governor Newsom went as far as to tweet on May 13, 2023, “It HAS to be the humidity. Why else would California’s gun violence rate be 57% lower than Florida’s?”

However, the contrast is evident when comparing the FBI data on active shooter incidents. In 2023, Florida only experienced two such incidents, a mere one-fourth of the incidents reported in Newsom’s state.

The latest statistics serve as a sobering reminder that despite California’s stringent gun control measures, the state still grapples with a significant number of active shooter incidents, raising questions about the efficacy of these restrictive laws in addressing gun violence.


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