Law enforcement in Crookston, Minnesota, was forced to take lethal action against a 35-year-old man wielding a hatchet who charged at officers in the early hours of May 16, as confirmed by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension.

The individual, identified as Andrew Scott Dale, met his demise from multiple gunshot wounds during the confrontation with authorities. The fatal altercation unfolded when two police officers and a Polk County sheriff’s deputy responded to a distress call. Upon arrival at the scene, they encountered Dale brandishing the hatchet in a residential vicinity near the Polk County Government Center, presenting a clear threat to public safety.

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According to Chief Darin Selzler, Dale showed outright aggression by swiftly advancing toward law enforcement, prompting the officers to resort to less-lethal tactics in an attempt to subdue him.

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Officer Alex Rudnik initially tried to neutralize the situation by deploying his Taser, while Deputy Matt Benge discharged 40-millimeter foam rounds. Despite these measures, Officer Nick Fladland was compelled to use his department-issued handgun, firing multiple rounds that ultimately proved fatal to Dale. Fladland has been placed on critical incident leave, as announced by the BCA in an official statement.

Following the shooting, the officers administered immediate life-saving measures to Dale before he was transported to RiverView Health Hospital in Crookston, where he succumbed to the injuries sustained during the confrontation. Notably, Dale did not have a history of mental illness documented in Minnesota’s court system.

In the aftermath of the incident, crime scene investigators recovered the hatchet and cartridge casings from the scene of the confrontation. Additionally, footage from body-worn cameras worn by the officers captured crucial aspects of the interaction, contributing to the ongoing investigation, as reported by the BCA.

The situation underscores the challenging and potentially dangerous encounters law enforcement officers face in the line of duty, serving as a stark reminder of the risks involved in maintaining public safety under such circumstances.

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