The Minneapolis Police Department has released body camera footage from the mass shooting incident that left Officer Jamal Mitchell dead. The footage includes three videos from officers involved in the incident, Officer Luke Kittock and Officer Nicholas Kapinos, as well as a brief clip from Officer Mitchell’s body camera. The videos depict the chaos surrounding the shooting, with gunshots ringing out and police officers running with their guns drawn. The BCA will release more information on the incident in the future.

Officer Mitchell’s bodycam video is not required to be released by state law, according to Minneapolis Police Chief Brian O’Hara, who stated that Mitchell did not have time to draw his handgun. O’Hara explained that a portion of Mitchell’s bodycam video was released to provide context to the situation, emphasizing that Mitchell was trying to help someone he thought was in need of aid and care. O’Hara also described Mitchell as representing “the very best of the men and women in this profession” and stated that Mitchell “did absolutely nothing wrong” before being “ambushed and assassinated.”

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The incident occurred after Officer Mitchell responded to a 911 call of a shooting on the 2100 block of Blaisdell Avenue in Minneapolis on May 30. The BCA reported that Mitchell was the first officer to respond to the scene, where he encountered Mustafa Mohamed, who pulled out a gun and shot Mitchell. Other officers arrived at the scene and witnessed Mohamed shooting at them. Officers Kapinos and Kittock ultimately returned fire, hitting and killing Mohamed, who had already injured Officer Kittock and a Minneapolis firefighter.

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Two individuals who were shot in the initial incident were also killed – Mohamed Aden, 36, of Columbia Heights, and Osman Said Jimale, 32, of Minneapolis. Medical crews reportedly used a fire truck as a shield to aid Mitchell as bullets flew, and a handgun with an extended magazine was recovered at the scene by the MPD.

The CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) report released by the MPD indicated that before police arrived at the scene, a witness had reported seeing the suspect, Mohamed, assaulting an individual and then firing a gun. The witness then reported that the suspect continued to shoot at responding officers for two minutes before being killed.


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