On June 3, 2024, the San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora police chief, Gerardo Camacho Ramirez, was brutally murdered by a group of armed individuals in the western part of San Luis, Mexico. The tragic event coincided with a press conference held by Arizona House Representatives visiting the border to address ongoing security concerns.

During a segment on RVM News’ “Sergeant Major’s Situation Report,” host John Gillette highlighted the severity of the border crisis. Gillette criticized Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for his misleading statements to Congress about the border’s security. “Mayorkas stood in front of Congress and said, ‘The border is closed and secure.’ He lied to Congress. 100% flat-out lie. Laws are not being enforced. People are walking across the border, and it is 100% non-secure,” Gillette asserted.

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Gillette detailed the inadequacies in border security measures, emphasizing that vital surveillance equipment was non-operational. “He knew those cameras are turned off. He knew that the seismic sensors are not even plugged in, yet he stood in Congress and said, ‘The borders are secure,'” Gillette said. He further explained the impracticality of recent executive orders aimed at controlling the influx of migrants, calling them ineffective and merely symbolic.

The press conference, held by Arizona representatives, was interrupted by news of the police chief’s murder. Gillette expressed his belief that the timing of the attack was deliberate. “During the press conference, the very press conference that we were discussing this, the San Luis Mexico police chief was murdered by the cartels. I’m quite certain they made a point of doing this during our press conference,” he stated.

According to a News 11 Yuma broadcast, “The San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora police chief, Commander Gerardo Camacho Ramirez, was shot to death. It happened in the western part of the city of San Luis, Mexico this afternoon. Police say Gerardo Camacho Ramirez was shot at by an armed group of people. Another officer was injured and was taken to the hospital.”

The murder of Chief Ramirez underscores the perilous conditions at the border and the formidable challenges faced by those attempting to enforce law and order, or assist U.S. authorities in doing so. As border security continues to be a contentious issue, the tragic loss of a dedicated police chief serves as a stark reminder of the violence and chaos that remain unchecked.

Gillette explained more about just how bad the border is in another segment:


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