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Meth Head’s Chemical Pipe Bomb Blows Up In Deputy’s Face During Traffic Stop [VIDEOS]

Putnam County, Florida – A man has been arrested and charged with several severe crimes when a chemical pipe bomb went off while a deputy searched his vehicle. Charles Legault, who had been pulled over due to a license plate that was unassigned to the vehicle, is being held without bond. According to reports, Legault is facing charges of possessing an explosive, aggravated battery, trafficking methamphetamine, and illegal possession of a gun silencer. Along with these charges, he now also faces charges of not cooperating with the investigators.

When the deputy was searching the truck, a pipe bomb exploded on him, and he was rushed to the hospital. However, he was released later that day, only to reveal the extent of the incident. Legault had a gun silencer that was unregistered with the ATF, two handguns, 20 rounds of ammunition, and methamphetamine when he was searched. Tom Hackney, Crime and Safety analyst, expressed his concerns about the incident. Hackney pointed out that given all the red flags that were mentioned, investigators will dig deep.

News4JAX [1] has revealed that the explosive device was created such that there were chunks of chlorine on one side and liquid brake fluid on the other. A valve separated the two sides, and when it was turned, the contents mixed and caused a poisonous gas before exploding. The device had the words “safe” and “armed” written on it, indicating to the investigators that Legault had criminal intent to cause harm. The deputy may have accidentally moved the valve when touching the device, causing the explosin. Investigating officers have noted that given the recent historical events linked with April, investigators will look into Legault’s life to ensure he wasn’t planning an attack. The breezy condition during the day may have diluted the poisonous gas, leading the deputy to sustain less severe damage to his respiratory system.

As the investigation is ongoing, the video of the explosion remains withheld because the case is under investigation. Charles Legault is currently being held without bond and fighting the charges before him. With the number of red flags raised during this incident, investigators will undoubtedly look into any potential crimes or alternative motives that may be hidden.