In a recent episode of the popular medical drama ‘New Amsterdam,’ viewers were left baffled and outraged over a controversial scene that linked a teenage boy’s tumor to racism. The episode aired on March 30, 2021, and featured the boy’s parents expressing their concern over his medical condition to a hospital specialist. In response, the specialist suggested, wholly unfounded, that the tumor could be attributed to the boy’s experience with racism.

The scene in question has been widely shared on social media platforms, with many users expressing their disbelief and ridicule at the idea that a social construct such as racism could cause a medical condition. The episode has caused controversy for peddling a narrative that is not only unfounded but potentially harmful.

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Medical dramas are well known for taking creative liberties to intensify the drama. However, this latest instance has crossed over into the realm of irresponsible and reckless storytelling. The idea that racism could be linked to a medical condition is not only misleading but also potentially dangerous, as it risks obscuring genuine medical factors that could lead to such diagnoses.

This instance is not the first time that popular TV shows have strayed from storytelling to push a divisive agenda. Although these programs have the right to creative freedom, it is crucial that they remain responsible in their narratives and avoid pushing divisive notions.

In summary, ‘New Amsterdam’s recent episode has landed in hot water due to its controversial plot linking a medical condition to racism. This particular scene demonstrates the desperate attempts of popular TV shows to push narratives that further polarize various communities.

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