French President Emmanuel Macron is sounding the alarm, expressing fear that a win by either the far-left or far-right in the upcoming elections could ignite civil unrest. As a liberal leader, Macron is acutely aware of the frustrations among voters, particularly concerning the impacts of unregulated immigration.


In a recent podcast, Macron criticized Marine Le Pen’s National Rally, accusing them of deepening societal divides by focusing on religion and ethnicity. He warned that such tactics could push France toward civil conflict.


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Surprisingly, perhaps in an attempt to distance himself, Macron mentioned the far-left France Unbowed, led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon, accusing them of exploiting divisions for political gain. He suggested their approach, appealing to specific religious and ethnic groups, risks stoking civil strife. This comes as France Unbowed has attempted to attract Muslim voters by opposing Israel’s actions in Gaza.


The president’s remarks come after he decided to call a snap election on June 9, following a heavy defeat by the National Rally in the European elections. The upcoming parliamentary elections could see an unprecedented number of far-right MPs entering the National Assembly.


Adding to the unrest, a “poop protest” was planned for June 23, 2024, in Paris. The French public is outraged that the government has spent a billion dollars to clean up the river for Olympic events, while many citizens feel neglected. In a dramatic display of their discontent, protesters aimed to defecate in the river during a visit by Macron, highlighting the growing anger and frustration among the French people over what they see as misguided priorities and government extravagance amidst broader societal issues.

Polls suggest the National Rally could secure 35% of the vote in the first round, ahead of a left-wing coalition, including France Unbowed, at 27%, with Macron’s centrists trailing at 19%.


Macron’s liberal allies have consistently warned of economic instability if either extreme wins. On Monday, Macron intensified his rhetoric, arguing that voting for the far-left or far-right would exacerbate conflicts and potentially lead to civil war.


“When everyday life becomes difficult, people might be tempted by the extremes that offer quick fixes. But turning against each other is never the solution,” Macron concluded, reflecting his fear of losing control amid rising anger over immigration issues and a general decline in the lives of French citizens, which many blame on socialist policies being pandered to by the left.

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