It is pretty well established at this point that Dallas Mavericks star Luka Dončić is a complainer on the court. The league knows it, fans know it and Luka knows it too. That is not to take away from the Slovenian superstar, but rather just point out the obvious.

However, his team allegedly hit a breaking point in game 3 of the NBA Finals last night, pleading with Dončić to stop arguing with officials about every call. Casual fans could see his frustration, most of which were verbalized, and none of which helped him or his team.

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Dončić fouled out in the 4th quarter at a pivotal point in the game while the Mavs were in the middle of a 22-2 run that reduced the deficit to one point with 3:37 left to play.

Dončić, of course, blamed the officials for not allowing the teams to play physically, which he said was the reason he fouled out.

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“We couldn’t play physical,” Dončić said after the game. “I don’t want to say nothing. You know, six fouls in the NBA Finals, basically I’m like this (motions with palms out). C’mon, man. Better than that.”

This is not a new issue for Dončić, who has a well-known reputation for confronting officials on the court. His actions are now under greater scrutiny because they are affecting the Mavericks’ chances of winning the NBA Finals.

Dallas is now facing a 3-0 series deficit going into Game 4 on Friday night. In NBA history, teams that have lost the first three games in a best-of-seven series are 0-156. Only four teams have ever forced a Game 7 after being down 3-0.