Republican Senator Josh Hawley confronted Bureau of Land Management (BLM) director Tracy Stone-Manning over allegations of dishonesty regarding her reported ties to eco-terrorism during an oversight hearing.

Stone-Manning, a Biden nominee, was challenged by Hawley for allegedly lying about her involvement in an eco-terrorism incident during her graduate school days. Stone-Manning denied facing an investigation despite evidence suggesting otherwise.

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Hawley accused Stone-Manning of misleading the Senate Energy Committee by downplaying the severity of eco-terrorism and emphasized that such acts put lives at risk. Stone-Manning’s past connection to an issue of Earth First journal that celebrated the deactivation of a probe into a tree-spiking incident further raised concerns.

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Stone-Manning had previously been granted legal immunity in 1993 to testify about her role in a 1989 tree-spiking incident, which she had initially denied being a part of.

During the hearing, Stone-Manning also faced scrutiny over the BLM’s handling of energy and mining project restrictions in Alaska, drawing criticism from Senator Lisa Murkowski and Native American groups.


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