In a recent episode of “This Is My Show,” Drew Berquist weighed in on a Joe Rogan clip about the pervasive dysfunction within the American political system. They both pointed out the widespread lack of trust in political leaders and the tendency of voters to make emotional rather than informed decisions. Both commentators agreed that the system is fundamentally broken and fails to adequately represent the interests of everyday Americans.

Drew Berquist kicked off the discussion by highlighting Joe Rogan’s insights into the cyclical nature of voter disillusionment with both major political parties. “Let’s talk Joe Rogan. Let’s talk Joe Rogan, because he weighed in on how Republicans and Democrats act slash vote every presidential cycle here. There’s obviously more to his conversation. We’re just going to show you like a 45-50 second clip or so here, but let’s take a listen to this, and then let’s break it down and discuss a little bit.”

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Joe Rogan’s critique was direct and pointed. “And you know what, man, here’s a problem. Here’s the real problem. Republicans won’t be the solution either, kids. The problem is people in a position of power, the Republicans, seem like they are your solution. But it’s just because the people in power right now, the Democrats, whenever the Democrats are out and the Republicans are in, everybody is dying for a Democrat. I remember when Bush was president after the second term, everybody’s like, Good lord, can we get a reasonable Democrat in here before this country goes Christian nationalist and goes crazy and starts every war, yeah, and that Obama comes in, like, oh, things gonna be great. But it kind of seems like kind of the same, you know, and the whistleblower protection that he promised, yeah, actually probably, like one of the worst on whistleblower blowers ever, drone strikes, kind of a shitload of drone strikes. Yeah, the whole thing was bonkers. It’s just the same structure with a different face.”

Berquist concurred with Rogan’s assessment, emphasizing that neither party is the panacea for America’s political woes. “He’s right, and he’s also right with a statement he made early in that Republicans aren’t going to save the day, not saying you conservative, listener or viewer, saying the Republican Party, the GOP, the Republican establishment, if you will. And there’s a lot more truth to what he says, too. And a lot of people will say, Yeah, but Trump’s going to fix everything. You know, he’s going to get in, and I hope he does, but he’s going to get in and he’s going to fix everything.”

Berquist underscored the systemic issues that transcend individual leaders, including Trump. “But look, we say this all the time, and it’s not a slight on Trump or anyone for that matter. Obviously, he’s the person in the conversation right now. He’s one person. He’s one person, and the system is so broken. The real issue here is that we, Joe is talking about voters. Joe Rogan is talking about voters. There. We as a country have a uniparty in a system full of people in DC that hate everyday Americans. Don’t care what you think, don’t care what you’re experiencing. They only care about themselves. And then, and then they get everyone to flip out, which we’re really good at as a country. And then you do, you’ve got kind of this seesaw effect that happens in terms of elections because people are either just emotional, dumb, or both.”

The conversation between Berquist and Rogan highlighted the urgent need for a significant overhaul of the political system to better serve and represent the American people, rather than the entrenched interests of political elites.

Check out the full This Is My Show episode with Drew Berquist:

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