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It’s Time For This Country To Face The Existential Threat That Is The Democrat Party [VIDEOS]

On a recent episode of “Battleground Live,” Sean Parnell highlighted the growing threat of totalitarianism in the United States, specifically pointing to the actions and rhetoric of the Democrat Party. Parnell argued that Democrats are projecting their own extremist tendencies onto their political opponents and provided recent examples of left-wing extremism to underscore his point.

“Uh, so folks, listen, it’s really time for this country to face the existential threat that is the Democrat Party and the Deep State who supports them,” Parnell began. He cited recent events that he believes expose the totalitarian nature of the current political climate. “A couple of things happened last week, and I was thinking about this weekend and how to what’s the angle for the show this week, but these events that happened last week expose the truly, truly, ugly truth about the totalitarian state that we live in. And no, that’s not an overstatement.”

Parnell referenced commentator Dan Bongino’s warnings about a police state, aligning his views with those concerns. “Bongino has been talking about the police state for a long time, and he’s absolutely right. When I talk about totalitarianism, I’m talking about the Democrats as fascists, and there can be no question about it. Now we are indeed living in a totalitarian state courtesy of the fascist Democrat Party.”

Explaining his terminology, Parnell continued, “The reason why I’m going with the term fascist, and I’ve said that the Democrats are commie mouth breathers many, many times in the past… It’s more accurate to say fascist. I want you to think about what they always call us, Antifa, anti-fascists. What I tell you all the time is the golden rule, right? And the golden rule is anything the Democrats accuse us of, Republicans or conservatives, they themselves are guilty of. They are very, very deliberate and careful about this. This is something that they do consciously.”

Parnell provided a specific example from Spokane, Washington, where three teenagers were arrested for leaving tire marks on a rainbow-painted street. “In Spokane, Washington, three teenagers were arrested for the heinous crime of riding scooters over an LGBTQ plus plus LMNOP rainbow flag that was painted on a public road and as they drove over this rainbow painting again on the road, they left skid marks from the tires on their scooters. You heard that right. They were arrested for scooter marks on a rainbow.”

In contrast, Parnell highlighted the lack of legal consequences for left-wing extremists in Washington, DC. “Meanwhile, in Washington, DC, Lafayette Square, hundreds of pro-Hamas, terrorist sympathizing, left-wing losers, life losers vandalized historic statues of the heroes of our founding fathers who won us our freedom from Brits, from the British rule. They vandalized and they defaced monuments in our nation’s capital with paint with hateful messages calling for the death of the Jews, actually calling for an overthrow of the United States government. And guess what, folks, I think you know where I’m going with this. Not one single arrest was made.”

Parnell questioned the priorities and actions of the current administration and law enforcement. “He was hit there. Now let me ask you all a question, and I really mean it, folks, what do you think was worse: the kids riding the scooters or the vandalizing of memorials in our nation’s capital and basically the assault on a police officer? Seriously, it’s unbelievable, but this is the stark reality of the world that we live in today in America.”

Parnell’s commentary underscores his belief that America is facing an unprecedented threat from within, urging conservatives to recognize and address the growing menace posed by what he sees as a totalitarian push from the left.

Watch the full episode of Battleground LIVE with Sean Parnell below: