A former FBI agent has been found guilty of a prolonged period of child sexual abuse and now faces a life sentence. The court in Montgomery County, Alabama, convicted 44-year-old Christopher Bauer of “Sodomy in the First Degree and Sexual Abuse of a Child Less Than 12,” according to District Attorney Daryl Bailey.

The abuse came to light when Bauer’s young victim, who had been molested since the age of five, confided in a friend in April 2021. The friend’s mother reported the incident to the school and notified the police. Bauer, an Alabama state trooper at the time, was subsequently arrested.

Credit: Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office

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In a shocking revelation, it was discovered that Bauer had been dismissed from the FBI in New Orleans for sexual misconduct. He had become a state trooper using a forged letter purportedly from the FBI. The FBI later disavowed this letter, confirming it was not legitimate. Investigations revealed that Bauer had allegedly raped a fellow FBI worker at knifepoint and subjected her to severe abuse, causing her significant physical and psychological harm.

Despite Bauer’s claims that his actions were consensual, the FBI deemed his misconduct egregious and found him guilty of violating bureau policy. The restraining order obtained by the FBI co-worker highlighted the severity of Bauer’s actions, including threats and physical violence.

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The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency claimed to have conducted a thorough background check before hiring Bauer, but no derogatory comments were found from his former employers. Bauer had previously served in the Air Force and worked with the Montgomery police before joining the FBI in 2009.

Bauer is scheduled for sentencing on August 1 and faces 20 years to life in prison, with prosecutors pushing for life imprisonment. Additionally, Louisiana state police plan to extradite Bauer for separate child sexual abuse allegations near New Orleans.

District Attorney Bailey emphasized the need for justice, stating, “Nobody is above the law, including our police officers. Christopher Bauer is a sexual predator and has now been convicted as a sexual predator. He needs to be removed from our streets forever.”