With our short attention span, many have forgotten that the idea of “LGBTQ Pride Month” happened overnight and yesterday in cultural terms. Prior to about 2016, actual homosexuals—as compared to “queers” focused on public perversion and body mutilation—marked their political progress with a day or a weekend.

Now we’re all choking on rainbow tat for an entire month while mind-addled, drug-ridden hedonists grind and flash out on the streets in front of grandmas and children. Even in solidly conservative states like West Virginia, the queer brigade has been claiming public territory with garish “pride crosswalks” slopped onto public thoroughfares. Fed-up motorists have been spinning their tires in an automotive expression of “I’ve had enough.” Government activists have gone hysterical, describing these incidents as “hate crimes” and “desecration.”

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Predictably, Seattle is arresting normal teenage boys for what they clearly believe are acts of religious desecration—skidding scooter tires on these “murals.”

But have you noticed something else? Even though we’re still suffering “Pride Month,” it’s a lot quieter in 2024 than it’s been in recent years. The account Reddit Lies (Reddit is an online topical discussion forum) brings us this from the site’s LGBT forum:

Do You Think the United States is Headed in the Right Direction?

The evidence is hardly anecdotal. As the Associated Press noted; “analysts and advocates say the marketing is toned down compared to previous years, and at some chains, there’s no trace of Pride at all.” One maker of “gender-neutral clothing” quoted in the article said he saw… To check out the rest of this story, visit WokeSpy.

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