Dating can be challenging with the complexities of modern technology and social interactions, but a story involving a friend of Glen Powell’s sister takes it to another level. During an appearance on the Therapuss podcast hosted by Jake Shane, Powell recounted a terrifying tale from the dating scene.

Powell described how his sister’s friend went on a date with a “super charming” man. After a pleasant evening, they went back to his apartment. Upon arriving, the woman sensed something was off. The man offered to give her a massage, and while initially agreeing, she quickly felt uncomfortable and decided to leave.

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Here’s how Powell told the story:

“She goes on a date with this guy. The guy’s super charming, and they have a great night. She goes back to his apartment that night. As she got back to his apartment, she just started getting weird vibes. She’s like, ‘something feels off.’ And he’s like, ‘Can I give you a massage?’ She says, ‘Sure.’ He starts massaging her shoulders. Everything’s just feeling odd, and she’s like, ‘I gotta get out of here.’ He gets a little weird, like, ‘No, please — don’t leave. Sorry I got weird.’ Whatever it is, she leaves.”

The next day, the woman experienced severe itching on her skin and went to see a doctor. Powell continued, “Her skin starts itching like crazy the next day. She goes to the doctor, and he does a test on her skin. It turns out that it’s a black market lotion that breaks down skin for human consumption. This man was rubbing lotion on her body to eat her. The doctor told her to give them the man’s address and to call the police. When they went to his house, they found several girls’ bodies.”

Whoah! Talk about a close call, and because of her and the doctor the lives of future victims were saved.