On the first weekend since President Donald J. Trump was convicted on 34 politically motivated charges in New York, interest in rolling over or transferring retirement accounts into gold-backed IRAs has surged.

“There are serious concerns about the future of the economy and the country itself,” said Jonathan Rose, CEO of Genesis Gold Group. “Our phones have been blowing up and requests for our gold guide have never been higher.”

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Sentiment from Trump supporters in general and mature Trump supporters in particular has shifted.  There are growing concerns that attacks on Trump could derail his presidential campaign, but of bigger concern to many Americans is that the nation will be disastrously polarized regardless of the outcome of the election.

These developments have prompted a scramble for the financial safe haven of physical precious metals.

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“It’s infuriating that lawfare and other shenanigans are being employed to take down one man for political reasons,” Rose said. “The anti-Trump crowd seems willing to do long-term damage to the nation itself if doing so will keep him out of the White House.”

Genesis Gold Group is a faith-driven, America First company that specializes in helping Americans move their current retirement accounts into Genesis Gold IRAs backed by physical precious metals. They do not utilize disingenuous marketing tactics such as offering “free” silver. Instead, they educate and assist Americans in navigating the precious metals world.

Both gold and silver prices have trended upward for a few months and analysts believe the Trump conviction is only going to extend the trend. Even if he wins in appeal, the ongoing attacks against him precede what many believe is financial turmoil in the near future.

“It’s time for Americans to take more control of their life’s savings,” Rose said. “Seeking higher financial ground makes sense and right now that means physical precious metals.”

Reach out to Genesis Gold Group to receive their free, definitive gold guide or call 855-625-7760 to talk to a precious metals specialist who can streamline the move into gold and silver.