The FBI conducted raids on four homes in the Oakland Hills early Thursday morning, including one linked to Oakland Mayor Sheng Thao. This development comes amidst growing unrest and a recall effort targeting Mayor Thao, spearheaded by concerned residents.

According to media reports, the raids occurred on Maiden Lane and Viewcrest Court. The FBI confirmed the operations in a statement that the East Bay Times reported: “We are conducting court-authorized law enforcement activity on Maiden Lane and Viewcrest Court. We are unable to provide additional information at this time.” The specifics of the investigation remain undisclosed, leaving the public and media speculating on the implications for Mayor Thao.

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A recall effort against Mayor Thao has gained momentum in recent months, driven by escalating crime rates and allegations of incompetence. The group behind the recall, which can be found at, has a scathing statement on their website:

“Across Oakland, neighbors are uniting to restore the voice of the people and return values to our city that Mayor Sheng Thao lacks — integrity and hard work. In just a year, Thao’s incompetence and dishonesty accelerated Oakland’s decline, causing longstanding businesses to close and generational families to leave. Join our effort to recall Thao—a crucial step in the democratic process for emergencies like this. Lives lost and businesses failed, all due to Thao’s inability to fulfill her duties as Oakland’s mayor.”

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The FBI raids have added fuel to the fire, intensifying scrutiny on Mayor Thao’s administration. Residents of Oakland, already frustrated by rising crime and economic challenges, are now questioning the leadership of their mayor more than ever. The outcome of the FBI investigation and the recall effort could significantly impact the political landscape of Oakland.

Mayor Thao’s latest post on social media was yesterday, celebrating Juneteenth.