Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert has been turning heads with his impressive performance in Jim Harbaugh’s system. According to ESPN’s Jeremy Fowler, Herbert has made several “ridiculous throws” during practice, showcasing his elite talent and raising expectations for the upcoming season.

“The vibes are immense. The vibes are hot, the streets are hot. The Chargers are implementing that run-heavy Harbaugh system, which is a little bit different for Justin Herbert. I’m told that transition has been seamless but to a point because they’ve stuck with mostly passing concepts this spring. In training camp, they’re going to hit that run-heavy, play-action stuff early. But I was told that he’s made several ‘ridiculous’ throws already and that somebody from the team told me that he can fit into any scheme, it doesn’t matter, he’s that kind of quarterback. So, he will be just fine,” said Fowler to Sportscenter.

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Since the Chargers hired Jim Harbaugh as their head coach, there has been a notable shift in the team’s offensive approach.  And while it is more run-centric, play action opportunities will abound under Harbaugh and his offensive coordinator Greg Roman.

Though it will be a different approach for Herbert he has heaped on praise for Harbaugh at every opportunity.

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“He’s done such a great job taking this team and getting them to where he wants them to go,” Herbert told reporters on Thursday. “He’s won wherever he’s at. He’s a guy that everyone wants to follow and play for.”

Likewise, Harbaugh has been vocal about his admiration for Herbert’s skills and approach to the game, even noting his stellar performance in the conditioning test.

With Herbert throwing among the most passes in the league last year and the Chargers running game being among the worst, this new system should set the Chargers up for success and significantly ease the burden on Justin Herbert. Look for great things from the boys in powder blue this upcoming season.