In a bold move on Monday, Elon Musk threatened to impose a ban on Apple devices within his various companies if the tech giant were to integrate OpenAI at the operating system level. The Tesla CEO took to X to voice his concerns, denouncing the potential integration as an “unacceptable security violation.”

Musk warned that should he proceed with the ban, visitors to his companies would be required to surrender their Apple devices upon entry, consigning them to be stored in a Faraday cage for the duration of their visit.

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This announcement followed Apple’s revelation of numerous AI features to be integrated across its apps and operating platforms, as well as its partnership with OpenAI to introduce the ChatGPT technology to its devices. Apple emphasized that privacy was at the core of its AI developments, asserting that a blend of on-device processing and cloud computing would power these features.

Expressing incredulity, Musk deemed it “patently absurd” that Apple, which he suggested was incapable of developing its own AI, could somehow assure that OpenAI would protect users’ security and privacy. However, a community note appended to Musk’s tweet highlighted that Apple had indeed created its own AI, “Apple Intelligence,” and that ChatGPT was merely an additional feature within this suite, limited to Siri and Writing Tools and subject to user permission for each use.

Musk’s conflict with OpenAI and its CEO, Sam Altman, has been escalating, with the SpaceX and Tesla magnate filing a lawsuit against the organization, which he co-founded in 2015. Musk alleged that OpenAI had strayed from its original mission of developing AI for the betterment of humanity rather than for profit.

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Undeterred by these legal battles, Musk has established his own startup, xAI, with the aim of challenging OpenAI and creating an alternative to the viral chatbot, ChatGPT. Notably, xAI attained a valuation of $24 billion in its most recent funding round, securing an impressive $6 billion in series B funding.

Musk’s steadfast determination to uphold security standards and counter the rise of AI integration presents a significant challenge to Apple and OpenAI, setting the stage for a potential tech industry showdown.

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