The Blount County Sheriff’s Office recently released body and dash camera video footage from a police shooting that occurred earlier this month in Rockford, Tennessee.

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The footage shows deputies Corbin Smith, 25, and Edward Walker, 28, in a nearly 20-minute exchange of gunfire with suspect Ronald Reed Millsaps at the 1100 block of Jacob Springs Boulevard on June 11. Both deputies sustained leg injuries during the encounter.

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Millsaps faces multiple charges, including attempted criminal homicide, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated domestic assault, reckless endangerment, and aggravated assault in connection to the shootings. He is being held in jail in lieu of more than $2 million bond.

The footage, about 36 and a half minutes long, has the recordings from Walker’s body camera and vehicle dash camera, plus Smith’s body camera. It captured the moment when Millsaps fired repeatedly into the deputies’ cruiser, shattering the windshield.

Between 100 and 300 shots during the attack, according to Blount County Sheriff James Berrong. The footage also shows the deputies applying tourniquets to each other’s wounds and their escape from the scene with the assistance of other law enforcement officers.

Sheriff Berrong mentioned that there was an older woman believed to be a bedridden relative inside the home during the shooting. He also noted that BCSO had responded to the same home on multiple occasions. No one else was hurt in the home.

Deputies Smith and Walker are the third and fourth members of the Sheriff’s Office who’ve been shot in the line of duty since February.

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