Recent events have triggered heightened awareness of ongoing attacks on meat, particularly beef. As more Americans wake up to the reality that the nation is trending toward lab-grown meat, insect proteins, and plant-based alternatives, obtaining shelf-stable products has become a priority.

JD Rucker, CEO of Prepper All-Naturals, became animated when asked about the so-called “war on beef” being a conspiracy theory.

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“If you think it’s a coincidence that all of the major power players in America and across the globe are in lockstep with their attacks against beef, then you’re part of the problem,” said Rucker. “The people who think they’ll always have access to real meat are in for a very unfortunate surprise.”

In mid-June, the Pentagon declared they are using members of the military as guinea pigs for consumption of “experimental” lab-grown meat.

The Department of Defense is looking for a more “sustainable” protein source than good, old fashioned meat. And given that this is the American military we’re talking about, that means outsourcing most of the research and development to the private sector by throwing an ungodly amount of tax dollars at whoever claims they can achieve this goal.

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In the same week, the World Economic Forum posted an article that called for “reinventing” the global food system to fit an “animal-free” future. Their contention is that animal-based proteins are bad for human consumption and are the primary contributor to climate change.

Neither is true, but with so much control over government and media in the hands of the globalists, it’s challenging to set the record straight.

“My company deals in two commodities: truth and beef,” Rucker said. “Unfortunately both are becoming harder and harder to find. Both are under attack.”

Prepper All-Naturals slaughters cattle born and raised in Texas. They offer Ribeye, NY Strip, Tenderloin, and “Original Steak” that is freeze dried to give it a 25-year shelf life. The current sale uses promo code “survive25” for 25% off.

Every week brings new challenges to the cattle industry. It behooves Americans to stock up on high-quality beef they can store for the long haul so it’s available when more moves are made toward an “animal-free” protein future.

“Nobody other than vegans and climate cultists want to live in a world without meat available to them,” Rucker said. “We’re doing everything we can to stop that from happening but we’re also acutely aware that we need to be ready just in case that draconian future becomes reality.”